In the condominium sector, Canada Risk Solutions (CRS) prioritizes its clients by adapting to their needs, this is done as our services are designed in a manner that is not only in compliance with the Condominium Standing orders but, an entire training curriculum is developed based on the entirety of each particular Condominium. 

This occurs as on of our specialist’s is dispatched to conduct a risk analysis of the interior and exterior of the Condominium, highlighting places of interest. A report is generated that will be discussed with our client. Whilst keeping in mind our clients’ expectations, we develop standing orders that are specific to each Condominium. An appropriate candidate is selected who then undergoes a series of training and consistent testing before being dispatched to the site. Our mobile supervisor’s and client care specialist will maintain close-contact with our concierge and the designated property management. This is to ensure to smooth transitioning of services as-well as rectify any escalations or disputes that occur with-in the vicinity. A monthly quiz relating fire-safety protocols and report writing is completed by the concierge so in-case of an emergency, he/she is competent as-well as confident in handling the crisis. A shift log is generated on a daily basis regarding the occurrences and observations that took place. These logs are then analyzed by one of our quality control specialists and, discussed with our concierge to optimize productivity. 

Our Concierge services include but are not limited to;

  • Fire safety protocol (effective procedures are implemented when handling a crisis on the site with appropriate documentation for future reference).
  • Access control (documenting, verifying non-residents such as contractors, real estate agents, visitors entering and leaving the interior and exterior of the premises). 
  • Package logs (safe handling, documenting and delivering of parcels to residents making sure each package is accounted for). 
  • Trespass from property (deter reckless behavior and Issue verbal or written trespass to intruders and persons of interest).
  • Party guard (catering to residents having a gathering for celebrations, conference, special occasions etc).
  • Booking amenities (Ensure accurate data and method of payment is collected for the reservation of elevators, party-rooms, guest-suite)

In summary, will ascertain your guests and residents get the feel of security that they are looking for .