Retailers & Super Stores

Our goal is to provide a secure place to work and safe environment for your customers and employees. By merging technology and security with regularly updated online logs, CRS will give you the peace of mind knowing that guards are performing regular patrols around the clock, providing 24/7 availability and undivided attention from our representative for your specific retail store.

CRS Security Guards will work to:

  • Reduce frauds and thefts by detection, deterrent, and apprehensions
  • Ensure that customers see a clear return on investment
  • Protect profits and lower operating costs
  • Provide detailed reports about theft and fraud-related incidents
  • Provide a low profile, professional and confidential presence
  • Work with law enforcement to capture criminal behavior that creates a loss
  • Work cooperatively with an organization’s personnel achieving maximum results
  • Invest in training that leads directly to the best apprehension and loss recovery results in the industry
  • Help to design an environment that reduces shrinkage
  • Assist the retailer in the asset and cost recovery