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- Real-Time incident and daily reports - Rapid and Effective Alarm response - Enhanced Accountability and Follow up

Always a step ahead in Security Solutions

Prevent Water Damage at your Condo

Wireless Automatic Water main shut-off valve.


Many residents usually think that security guards represent the management of their Apartments or Condominiums, this is why CRS professional guards will make you look alert and aware of your resident’s needs.

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Property Management Companies

Property management companies providing landlord services, condo property management, commercial property management, residential property management, etc. are primarily focused on the security and safety of tenants, owners and property,

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Hotels and Banquet Halls

Hotel and Banquet Halls security requires a sharp mind and an even sharper eye. It provides a safe feeling for guests and employees, as well as lowering the risk of danger within the environment.

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Retailers & Super Stores

At CRS, we understand the crimes and theft that can take place at your Retail Store. Our highly trained security guards will help reduce theft and vandalism while being helpful to retail customers and management during operating hours.

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Alarm Responses
Hours of Operation

Parking Enforcement

Maximize the revenue and availability of your parking space with CRS Inc.

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Mobile Patrol

The first line of defense for your property or business. Deter crime at an affordable price.

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Alarm Response

24x7x365 Monitoring and Fast response service to Alarms

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Special Events

The satisfaction and security of your spectators is a key element in the successful delivery of your event

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CCTV Systems

A cost effective Crime deterrent, monitor activities, collect evidence to help your decision making process.

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Access Control

We are your one stop shop for all access control systems and door automation needs.

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Downtown Toronto Concierge Condominium

Toronto & GTA

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